Kids’ Testimonials

RRK Testimonials PhotoYou really changed my life. Also because of your lessons, I made my cousin realize he can do whatever he dreams, too. Now he wants to go to college. And that’s all thanks to you. I bet you have changed many people’s lives. There are a lot of nice things I would like to say to you, but it all wouldn’t fit on one page. Thank you for everything! – Jessica, Ventura County, CA

You are a huge inspiration to me. Before I was so shy to even come to school. But you got me up and running! – Bryanna, 5th Grade, Fillmore, CA

Thank you for all you do. You can inspire anyone. Please help everyone there is in every corner of the world. – Chase, 3rd Grade, Calabasas, CA

I like you coming to our school because you make it better. I don’t really know how to say this, but you make the world a better place. Thank you for everything you have done for us! – Damaso, age 10, Oxnard, CA

I’m thanking you because you are really helping my brother and me. Now we don’t fight. I mean we used to fight A LOT! Can you visit my school more often so I can learn more? – Ledia, 4th Grade, Ventura County, CA

You should make DVDs so that kids all over the world can be inspired! – Rogelio, age 10, Oxnard, CA

I’ve always thought positive things, but when somebody hurts me in my heart, I never talk. I never sleep and I barely eat. Until I heard your story and how it ended – with a DVD to help kids. And I thought to myself, “Things will be OK.” You helped me know that. I hope that if you are ever feeling lonely, you think of all the kids you’ve helped and how much happiness you put into us. I hope that if you feel down, you think of the things you’ve said that inspired everyone to give it everything they’ve got to climb that mountain of dreams. You are fantastic and I love how you love everybody and help everybody and I think that’s better than a superhero. I think my whole class will say the same thing, but this is from my heart. Thank you. – Kyleigh, 4th Grade, Oxnard, CA

You inspired me with The Bellows Bunch book. If it weren’t for that book, I would never know my talents. You’re my hero. – Tanya, 4th Grade, Ventura County, CA

RRK T-S Connection #3 PhotoYou and your songs make my heart bright. – Jocelyn, Reno, NV

I like how you taught us that “there’s only one you and that’s how important you are,” ‘cause sometimes I feel like I can’t be anything. But now I know that I can. – Brittani, 7th Grade, Los Angeles, CA

I want to thank you because something clicked in my heart – how to be brave, how to feel special, and how to let out my talent. I want a promise. Will you promise me to teach more kids in the world? All the “blue” in my body is gone. So thank you. Please teach more kids. – Edgar, 5th Grade, Fillmore, CA

I’m going on the Right Road all my life! – Steven, 5th Grade

You are the most inspirational person I have ever met. You have taught me that no matter what has happened in my life, I can succeed. I’ve had a really bad childhood. When I was 8-9, I was in two foster homes. You have given me strength to do what I believe. Thank you. – Norma, 6th Grade, Oxnard, CA

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Honestly, you have changed my life and made sure there is no way it can turn into something bad. Your messages changed every person’s life in this class. You are a great role model for every kid in the world! – Evelyn, age 11, Los Angeles, CA

You helped me think that everything is possible. I’m gonna make it, and I’m gonna thank you along with my parents. – Emmanuel, 6th Grade

With you school is fun! – Rylan, 2nd Grade, Palmdale, CA

I wouldn’t have ended up at college if you weren’t there to encourage me. – Tecola, Los Angeles, CA

What you did was the best thing I have ever experienced. I have improved a lot all thanks to you. Thank you for teaching all of us what love really is. – Diana, 5th Grade, Oxnard, CA

Thank you so much for the Talent Binder. I use it all the time. And when I feel sad, I just open it and feel better. – Miranda, age 10

Thank you for coming to my class and changing my life. – Andres, 6th Grade, Ventura, CA

We moved to Texas. You are still my best teacher. Love your friend, – Irving, Wylie, TX

My dad screams so loud it blows my head up like dynamite. You really have something to make me feel better. – Pamela, 4th Grade, Ventura County, CA

Thank you for helping me know that being in a gang is bad for me. Now I’m going to stop being in one. I really like all the things you do for children. You helped me learn a lot. I didn’t trust anyone else other than my brother that is dead now. You have changed my life in a good way. Thank you so much! – Gabee, 6th Grade, Oxnard, CA

I really like being creative, but school never lets me do the things I’m good at. I’m thankful that you let me have time to share my talent. – Christian, age 12, Ventura County, CA

Thank you for showing me how to live life. I know I was on the wrong road before you came along. Just little by little I had changed my attitude and my form of living. If it wasn’t for you, I would never even thought of doing the things I do now. Thank you for having such an impact on my life. – Chavely, 6th Grade, Oxnard, CA

I have had many assemblies before, but with you, it was the best ever. You definitely made learning FUN! You empower kids to follow their dreams. You make me want to reach the top of the mountain. Keep on encouraging kids around the globe! – McKenzie, 5th Grade, Camarillo, CA

You have taught me I have great talent. I will use it for the rest of my life! – Joel, Los Angeles, CA

I don’t know how to begin to thank you for the gift. I have been so blessed to have grown up with you in my life. I love you so much and I cannot wait to use your gift toward fulfilling my dreams! – Kelsey, Pasadena, CA

Thank you for giving us everything we need. – Elisa, 2nd Grade, Piru, CA

Everyone in school that has ever had you in their class is really lucky. You are making the world a better place. Guess who is on the right road? Me! – Sydney, Calabasas, CA

My name is Yvette. I am 13 years old. You don’t know me, but my sisters know you. You have gone to their classrooms and made a big difference! And for that I am so grateful! My sister brought your book home and I love it. And your CD is great. I hear it every day. And that “special” message that you bring to boys and girls “YOU ARE SPECIAL!” I have learned so much about the things you tell my sisters. Now I know what I want to be when I grow up! I want to be just like YOU! – Yvette, Ventura County, CA

It’s me. Rocky. Now I’m going to middle school. I still have all the stuff you have given me. In one of the postcards you said to keep shining my super brightest and I have been doing that. Ever since that postcard you sent me, it helped. I don’t know how to thank you. – Rocky, age 12, Fresno, CA

Thank you for everything you taught me. Now I can succeed in my life. I got so excited when I showed my family all I’ve learned. My mom got so proud of me. I’m so glad my teacher asked you to come to my class! – Angela, Oxnard, CA

I am Maria’s sister. She says good things about you. She says that you taught her that she is special. I’m studying at Oxnard High School and in the future I wanna be a news reporter and I will help my community because now I believe that I’m special. Thank you and God bless you. – Deisy, Oxnard, CA

You are better than a field trip! – Jose, 6th Grade, Ventura County, CA

The things you told us really helped me not be afraid. Now I’m ready to go to middle school. I wish you could come to our school every day. – Daniela, age 11, Fillmore, CA

I just want to say thank you because I was feeling I was going to drop out. But now I want to go to college and be a pro chef like I always wanted and I am not going to drop out. It will be a promise to you. – Monse, 6th Grade, Ventura County, CA

You should win the Nobel Peace Prize. – Jonny, 3rd Grade, Calabasas, CA

If you would run for President of children, I would vote for you. – Ashley, 5th Grade, Port Hueneme, CA

You’re making our nation a better place to live in. – Alyssa, age 10, Port Hueneme, CA

Thank you for everything. I cannot express my gratitude. I love Right Road Kids! – Christopher, age 12, Ventura, CA