Educator/Parent Testimonials

Teacher-Testimonials-PhotoI want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us the opportunity to experience such an amazing day. There are no words to describe how I felt watching my students. We are so fortunate to have you at our school. You have brought so much to the lives of our students. Thank you so much! – Aileen Vizena, Port Hueneme, CA

You are awesome. After all the years of teaching, there has never been someone that has done so much to bring positive energy to my class. You have a gift. Thank you for all you do. You bring a light that shines in the hearts of all the children and teachers. You have taken us to another level of learning. – Scott Olson, Ventura County, CA

My son had the pleasure of you coming to his school. He has NOT stopped talking about you or your amazing messages. He begged me to mail this completed Fun Page to you! Thank you for making him feel so proud of himself. Your program was life-changing for him. – Hillary Federman, Calabasas, CA

Wow! You are truly an inspiration to all who are lucky enough to know you! Your work is such a rarity in today’s world. You have such a positive and lasting impact on so many lives. You and your organization deserve large-scale recognition because so many more could benefit from knowing your powerful techniques. On behalf of my class and myself, many thanks for making us better people. – Bonnie Burner, Oxnard, CA

You came to my classroom last year. You did the most wonderful presentation of my 25 years of teaching. The kids talked about you ALL YEAR LONG. Can I get you to my room again this year? You are doing the most wonderful thing. – Carol Lulow, Simi Valley, CA

I’ve never seen ANYTHING like what you do before. It’s amazing! – Mrs. Marks, LA County, CA

Thank you for all you do for children. How lucky are we to have you here with us! What a difference if EVERY child could experience your enthusiasm. You are inspiring to ME. Are you returning next year? – GinaMarie Alvarez-Lawson, Oxnard, CA

RRK T-S Connection #3 PhotoEvery school needs Paula and Right Road Kids! – Kim Lopez, Oxnard, CA

The impact that you have made on the students of the Fillmore Unified School District is immeasurable. For me, to see you on my campus even if you are not coming into my classroom, recharges my energy level and lifts me up. You remind me of the reasons that I became an educator. Thank you for being who you are. – Marvin Kwit, Fillmore, CA

Just wanted to give you a BIG thank you for your work in my class. The students loved it! I even received a note from a parent telling me what a difference you made in her daughter and that now her daughter is looking forward to middle school. You really make a difference! – Denise Chavez, Moorpark, CA

You recently visited a class which my daughter is in. I just wanted to let you know you made a very big impact on her. Thank you! – Angie Eisenmenger, Palmdale, CA

Yours was the best presentation I have ever been a part of. I am truly grateful for what you gave my class. – Mrs. Martinez, Ventura County, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I received an e-mail from a parent the day you came saying, “Thank you! My son said it was the best day of his life.” – Mrs. Bloom, Calabasas, CA

You made such a difference in my daughter’s life. She was having big self-esteem problems and then you came to her class. She is doing great now. How can I possibly thank you? – Parent, Ventura County, CA

It is often the last minute details and “fine print” that makes a program/person unforgettable. You taking the time to go out and get that keyboard for the kids afterwards was huge. Thank you for what you do. I look forward to seeing you more here and at every other school and church here, too. Thank you for pulling the kids’ dreams to the surface in the way only you can. – Ms. Deniston, Fresno, CA

My son loves you! He’s an ADHD kid and not much draws him in, but he talks about you all the time. He still has all the things you gave him. Thank you! – Heidi, Fillmore, CA

This is the most worthwhile program my students get every year. I am so blessed to have you in my life and in the lives of my students. Thank you! – Debbie Sims, Oak View, CA

Every time you come to my class, you touch my heart. The response you get from each and every child is positively amazing! Thank you so much for what you do to make the world a better place. – Kristen Dewey, Fillmore, CA

It is people like you and the Right Road Team that help schools achieve by filling needs. Your work makes school a better place for children. – John Schaper, Piru, CA

You came to my son’s class at a very important time. He had just had another big let down in his life, but the day you came, when he got home he bounded in the room and said, “Mom, sit down and listen to what happened today!” He proceeded to tell me about everything you taught him. Thank you! – Parent, Oxnard, CA

Thank you so much for the time you spent with my class and for the wonderful resources and field trip! You truly have made an impact on my students. You have such great messages and engaging presentations. You made them feel good about themselves and gave them strategies they can use. They can really tell that you care about them. We care about you, too! – Michelle McManigal, Simi Valley, CA

I’m always amazed at the beauty and grace you bring to our schools. Your work and encouragement bring life to our students and hope for their future! – Jennifer Weir, Ventura, CA

You are so inspiring to my students! You reach them. They are captivated by your “voice.” You are great for kids – and their teachers! – Sandra Butts, Fillmore, CA

It is always the biggest honor to have you work with our class. Your messages really get through and “stick.” When you are here, it makes me a better teacher. – Annie Webb, Santa Barbara, CA

Our teachers and students wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t try to get you back at our school again this year. I couldn’t imagine a year without Paula Phillips Right Road sessions for our kids! – Lisa Hoffman, Calabasas, CA

Thank you for all you do for students and schools across the country. – Alfredo Gutierrez, Ventura County, CA

I am overwhelmed with your generosity! I just opened the box for my daughter’s school and all I can say is WOW!!! I am deeply moved and honored to deliver these supplies on behalf of Right Road Kids! It is such a blessing and honor to be a part of this mission for children! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!! – Kim Sims, Camarillo, CA

The kids were engaged the whole time! I was amazed! And how you zeroed in on Alex… He’s definitely a little guy who desperately needed to feel special. Thank you! – Mrs. Hartigan, Thousand Oaks, CA

My daughter really enjoyed your program and I was impressed with what she brought home. She is asking for a copy of your CD. Please let me know if there is any cost. I would gladly pay. I really enjoyed seeing her so happy to show that she could accomplish a great talent within her. Thank you for sharing your talents with others. Are you giving summer programs? – Mrs. Martinez, Ventura, County, CA

My intent in writing to you is to let you know the impact you have made on our children’s lives. While I am certain you are already aware that you are dynamic and special, you cannot know the feeling of seeing you shine for our children. We work every day to make a small dent in the poverty that is keeping our students from success. You came into our school for “yet another assembly” and turned everything upside down. I have never seen so many young students sit still, immobilized by wonder, ever. When you go to sleep at night, know that we are choosing to shine and to let love and peace rule our actions because you came and captured our hearts and imaginations. Thank you for sharing your light with us. – Mrs. Aldridge, Port Hueneme, CA