Helpful Notes for Teachers


  • You will not have much to prepare at all! It is always our goal to completely be of service and support to your wonderful work. All that is needed: access to an electrical outlet, an empty large table (or two school desks) set up at the front of the classroom, a clean white or chalk board, and board markers or chalk. Paula will bring everything else!
  • Paula will aim to arrive at your classroom approximately 15 minutes before the session start time to quietly set up.
  • Paula’s Right Road programs directly benefit and support school districts’ curriculums in many important ways. (See educational Standards details under the second bullet point below.)


  • If Paula has already worked with your class, the “Right Road For Kids!™” DVDs are a wonderful, simple, cost-effective way to quickly provide weekly or monthly Right Road “refreshers.” You can also use the supplemental project ideas for additional uplifting classroom activities, discussions, or projects to keep the positivity growing daily!
  • Whether or not Paula has worked directly with your students, the DVDs can be used in a plethora of meaningful ways. Each Standards-based episode focuses on one main self-esteem/character topic (“Cool Right Road Rule”), with several segments providing different uplifting and motivating ways for kids and classes to think about and incorporate that topic into their lives. Included are projects and activities that stand alone — or the project ideas can be used as a springboard for additional uplifting classroom activities, discussions, or projects to keep the positivity growing daily! Like Paula’s in-person programs, the DVDs support a plethora of educational Standards including those in music, art, mathematics, language arts, and science. For each Right Road self-esteem/character topic, Paula uses lessons, resources, and activities that cover educational Standards at every turn. If you would like to reference the Standards highlighted in a specific episode, just click on the Free Downloads road sign on to our home page. It will lead you to the free Right Road For Kids!™ episode Standards download (specifically for California State Educational Standards, although many Standards cross state requirements) for each available episode.

If your class is being introduced to the Right Road programs for the first time, it may be helpful for your students to view the entire first episode all at once. It will give the whole class a great overview of what it means to be on the Right Road in school and in life AND it will simply make them feel great and excited to learn and be the best they can be. The content can also provide terrific writing project starting points — which can help you learn more about where your students are coming from (invaluable information). Plus, you and the kids can brainstorm as a class to determine even more ways to help each other stay on the Right Road. If you are under the weather, need constructive lesson plan activities for a substitute teacher, or inclement weather makes the kids a little stir crazy, these are other reasons to bring out “Right Road For Kids!”™ and use the time productively in a Standards-based atmosphere. Visit the Right Road store now!

If your school or class currently focuses (or would like to focus) on a particular self-esteem or character topic each month, sharing one approximately 5-minute segment per week (and then following up by doing the featured project in class as schedule permits) is another wonderful way to incorporate the Right Road program into your classroom’s daily school life.

The lessons and projects in the DVDs are primarily targeted for children in 2nd – 6th grades. However, certain sections (like the featured song in Episode 1) can be used on a regular basis by ALL elementary grades! Using the song as an example, it can be a simple yet very effective 2-minute kick-off for each week — to remind the kids how wonderful they are and motivate them to be the best they can be! The DVDs also translate exceptionally well into middle school, bringing the crucial self-esteem and character messages to life in a vital way for youth.

Please know that we will always do our best to provide you with as much Right Road support as possible via our website as well. Check out the Free Downloads road sign on our Home page for helpful resources and information. Be inspired by information throughout our website. And ALWAYS feel free to contact us anytime with questions, comments, or stories of your students traveling on the Right Road. We would LOVE to share them to inspire other students, classes, and schools!


This does take a bit of extra work and commitment, but it can be well worth it… As a meaningful and important way to help your students and school families bring the Right Road program into their home lives as well (which will in turn provide added support for your classroom!), a “family movie night” held in your classroom — where you all watch and experience a “Right Road For Kids!™” episode together — can help children travel their Right Roads in even more ways. Kids, parents, and teachers can all talk, brainstorm, and do projects together — all to help each other going and growing on the Right Road!