TEACHERS---Appreciaiton-ProgramsSince Right Road Kids began in 1992, we have seen the pressures and stresses on teachers’ shoulders grow exponentially over the years. What we know for sure is that uplifted teachers uplift kids! But if teachers are feeling overburdened and underappreciated, this has a direct effect on children’s overall learning and happiness in school. As each year has gone by, we have incorporated more and more Right Road programs focusing on making sure teachers feel appreciated and uplifted. This element of Right Road Kids has even become part of our mission – to also uplift teachers, parents, and all others who work so hard to uplift kids on the Right Road in school and in life! We have a plethora of Right Road Teacher Appreciation and Training programs as highlighted under the main “Programs” tab.


Teacher-Tab---GIVEAWAYS-AOur Right Road giveaways for teachers include: Simple Acts of Kindness for Teachers, Teacher Wish List, Right Road Kindness Boxes, Teacher Guessing Games, and Click & Listen Giveaways. The majority of these special giveaway programs are shared via our Right Road Kids Facebook page. If you “Like” the Right Road Kids page AND THEN hover over the main “Like” button on the page (that will turn to “Liked” once you like it), a drop down menu will appear. Click on “Get Notifications”. With those two actions and checking the Right Road Kids page whenever you have a minute at the end of the day, you will be assured not to miss any offers. We do awesome giveaways for teachers every week! In addition, we also have a plethora of Right Road giveaways for teachers on EVERY “On the Right Road!” radio show. As a helpful reference, in the 3 years since we started our extensive giveaway program for teachers, over 6,000 teachers in all 50 states have received more than 10,000 gift cards, school supplies, and other wonderful resources gifts!

Due to mailing costs, these very special Right Road giveaway programs are limited to teachers within the United States right now, but we are actively seeking ways to open up these programs on an international scale.

Free Downloads

Feel free to download any and all of these helpful resources FOR FREE! We will add additional downloads on a regular basis, so check back often! Our aim is to always provide as many helpful resources for kids, parents, and teachers as possible!

Helpful Notes for Teachers


  • You will not have much to prepare at all! It is always our goal to completely be of service and support to your wonderful work. All that is needed: access to an electrical outlet, an empty large table (or two school desks) set up at the front of the classroom, a clean white or chalk board, and board markers or chalk. Paula will bring everything else!
  • Paula will aim to arrive at your classroom approximately 15 minutes before the session start time to quietly set up.
  • Paula’s Right Road programs directly benefit and support school districts’ curriculums in many important ways. (See educational Standards details under the second bullet point below.)


  • If Paula has already worked with your class, the “Right Road For Kids!™” DVDs are a wonderful, simple, cost-effective way to quickly provide weekly or monthly Right Road “refreshers.” You can also use the supplemental project ideas for additional uplifting classroom activities, discussions, or projects to keep the positivity growing daily!
  • Whether or not Paula has worked directly with your students, the DVDs can be used in a plethora of meaningful ways… Visit the Right Road store now!