RRK Volunteer #1 PhotoThe dedicated talents, volunteers hours, and financial and in-kind contributions of our amazing Right Road volunteers and supporters are what make all of our work uplifting children possible. There are many ways you can volunteer and offer your time, talents, and energy to be of support to Right Road Kids!™

  • We are in constant need of new school supplies. 1″ 3-ring binders (with 2 side pockets), wide-ruled 3-ring binder paper, No. 2 pencils, 3-ring pencil pouches, pencil boxes, pink school erasers, cap erasers, mechanical pencils, 12-count boxes of colored pencils, pencil sharpeners, crayons, markers, 70-count wide-ruled notebooks, and 2-pocket folders are of the things we are in most need of on a regular basis. (We need thousands of each item every year for our Right Road Talent Binders and school supply kits for kids!) If your family, church group, or company would like to do a Right Road school supply drive or simply donate some items, please visit our Contact Us page and let us know!
  • The way we communicate most of our specific needs for volunteers is via our wonderful Right Road Volunteer Network. We send e-mails to our Volunteer Network whenever needs arise, and it makes it easy for everyone to become aware of opportunities and sign up when they are led and available. If you would like to become a part of of Volunteer Network, please visit our Contact Us page and let us know! There is never any pressure to participate. Some Right Road Volunteer Network folks help once a year, some volunteer each and every week. It has become a real Right Road “family,” and time and talents are always respected!
  • On school campus and in classroom volunteer opportunities are also available to Right Road volunteers with an established volunteer track record with Right Road Kids!™ Because of school regulations, we are responsible for all volunteers on a school campus. Please understand that in such situations, fingerprinting and TB testing may be required for volunteer activities that involve direct work with children.

If you would like to be of support in any way, we would love and be honored to hear from you. A million thank yous to all of our dedicated, amazing Right Road volunteers! You make it happen!!

RRK Volunteer #3 Photo