Schools & Parents

RRK T-S Connection #1B PhotoThere are literally endless ways Right Road programs can benefit your students, children, classrooms, school, and you!

From uplifting individual children in need to changing the climate of an entire school campus, from offering helpful new ways to look at challenges to decreasing negative behavior in a positive way and environment, from meeting “small” but significant classroom needs to making major school improvements, from uplifting YOU in ways that will in turn help you uplift your students and children!… The options and opportunities abound!

RRK T-S Connection #2 PhotoFollowing are some overall helpful benefits and notes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information. We are here to be of service and support to you, your children and students, and your schools!

Benefits for Schools

CIMG6057RIGHT ROAD Programs:

  • Provide exceptional, often termed unparalleled, self-esteem, character and educational enrichment Standards-based programs for your students, classrooms and school!
  • Build a positive, productive, caring school campus and environment!
  • Provide needed resources for your students and classrooms!
  • Provide exciting opportunities for schools including Right Road field trips, school improvement projects, celebration carnivals, and library book drives to name a few!


Options for Schools

RRK DVD PhotoOPTION #1: Invite Paula to your school!
One of the most dynamic ways to jump start the Right Road programs at your school is by scheduling Paula Phillips! For program options, go to the “Programs” tab on the main navigation bar. Then click on the “Scheduling” tab and go to “How to Schedule”.

OPTION #2: Experience Paula’s Right Road programs on DVD!
If your class needs an immediate boost to get on the Right Road, then it’s as easy as ordering our Right Road programs on DVD. RIGHT ROAD FOR KIDS!™ Episode 1: “You Are Special!” offers nearly 40 minutes of Standards-based learning, fun, music, projects, and positive messaging. (Visit the Right Road store now!)

OPTION #3: Let your own Right Road creativity shine through!
Use our website for resources and ideas on how to incorporate Right Road ideas and projects into your classrooms and school environment! Plus, be inspired to create your own Right Road project ideas! Check out the Free Downloads (like Talent Binder Tips, fun music choreography, and You Are Special posters for your students), the Right Road store, and inspirational real-life examples throughout the site!


Helpful Notes for Parents

Your child may come home very excited and “on fire” for school, learning new talents, trying new things, helping others, and thinking in all kinds of other positive directions. If you can take time to listen and be excited about what they share and bring home, it will do wonders to continue your child zooming on their Right Road! We encourage you to ask questions, brainstorm with your child, and come up with ways together to travel on your Right Road as individuals and as a family.

Paula created the “Right Road For Kids!™” DVD series at the request of teachers and parents so that ALL children can experience and be a part of Paula’s extraordinary Right Road messages and teaching methods — in school and at home. The DVDs are available right here in our Right Road Store — purposefully at a price that is affordable. (Visit the Right Road store now.) We encourage you to watch the episodes ahead of time or better yet, right along with your kids which will spur conversation and fun, meaningful family Right Road project ideas. The DVDs are wonderful tools to help incorporate a whole Right Road way of life into your daily living. Some fun follow-up ideas: