Simple Prep for Paula’s Visits


  • You will not have much to prepare at all! It is always our goal to completely be of service and support to your wonderful work. All that is needed: access to an electrical outlet, an empty large table (or two school desks) set up at the front of the classroom, a clean white or chalk board, and board markers or chalk. Paula will bring everything else!
  • Paula will aim to arrive at your classroom approximately 15 minutes before the session start time to quietly set up. Session length is 45 minutes for kinder and first grade programs and 90 minutes for 2nd – 6th grade programs.
  • Two classroom sessions can be accommodated each day. Fifteen to thirty minutes is needed in between sessions so Paula has time to pack up and move her equipment and program materials.
  • If travel is required, one parent volunteer per class will be needed for the full session time to help Paula with simple yet very helpful tasks like handing out materials to the children and cleaning up.


  • Like with the classroom programs, the school will not have much to prepare at all! Paula brings all program materials and equipment.
  • An indoor cafeteria, multi purpose room, or school auditorium will be needed. Unless your school has a full auditorium sound system, Paula will bring her own.
  • If the assemblies will be held in a cafeteria or multi purpose room, the children can sit on the floor, on chairs, or on cafeteria table benches — whichever is most convenient for the school. Paula will just need an aisle down the center and one on each side of the room.
  • Paula will need to arrive approximately two hours prior to the first assembly to set up, and will need an hour after the last assembly to put away equipment and pack up. If the school custodian can be made aware of Paula’s arrival time and be available to briefly help open needed doors and move tables, etc., that would be greatly appreciated. Also, if breakfast or lunch will be served in the vicinity during the set up and/or pack up times, it would be very helpful if the lunchroom supervisor or another school staff member could be available to help with crowd control (the equipment is quite exciting to the kids!).
  • If two assemblies are scheduled in one day, Paula will need at least 20-30 minutes in between assemblies to allow brief preparation time for the second assembly.