RRK Scheduling PhotoScheduling is as easy as 1, 2, 3! See the simple steps along with some helpful information below!

How to Schedule

RRK Welcome PhotoIf you would like to schedule Paula in your classroom (for Right Road classroom programs) or school (for Right Road assemblies and/or other all-school Right Road program options), just contact us at:

Please try to plan your request dates several months ahead, as Paula’s schedule fills up quickly. As a helpful reference, she is often scheduled months or even a year in advance for specific dates. Please don’t let that stop you from being in contact with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Within your scheduling request, please include some helpful details regarding your school (name, complete address), your class (grade, number of students, special needs — i.e. ESL, bullying challenges, self-esteem issues, etc.), requested dates (please include as many options as possible), and anything else that your would like to share from your heart. We truly look forward to hearing from you and to being of service and support however we may be able to you, your students, and your wonderful work!



As a helpful reference, EACH Right Road classroom Paula works with receives approximately $1,500-$3,000+ worth of invaluable Right Road resources and services!

We only ask two things:

1) We ask that you cover a small percentage of the overall Right Road school-year program cost for your classroom or school. Your doing so helps greatly to establish a strong, lasting partnership in working together to uplift the children, teachers and school. We will raise all the rest of the funds, often up to 90% (made possible by personal, business and corporate donations to Right Road Kids)! Your funding portion will be handled through our sister support company, Right Road Productions, and will include a plethora of Right Road school/classroom support materials (see the online Right Road “store” for the complete line of Right Road resources). As a helpful guideline, the classroom program cost is $5 per child for each Right Road classroom session. (1 session suggested for each K-2nd grade class; 2 sessions suggested for each 3rd-6th grade class.) This includes an entire school-year’s worth of Right Road self-esteem/character/enrichment support via Paula’s classroom sessions and all of our available programs and resources! We are completely dedicated to children and schools, and will work with you and your budget to “make it happen”! Please don’t ever let funding concerns be a deterrent to reaching out for RIght Road support! 🙂

2) Our only other requirement is that we are able to hand out permission slips/order forms to the children so their parents/families can be made aware of (and purchase for a hugely reduced rate if they would like) available Right Road at-home support materials (primarily the Right Road Kids Pack including a Right Road DVD and plethora of other fun, effective resources). These materials help bring the Right Road program “home,” create an important parent/family awareness of the whole program, and provide significant added support for the children, families, school and community. We just ask that the school make the appropriate arrangements (with the principal or school district) for us to be able to do so. There is NEVER any obligation for families to purchase. Handling it this way allows us to keep our program costs incredibly low for schools, but if you prefer, this cost can be built into the overall school’s funding portion to insure all the children receive the at-home materials.

IF YOUR SCHOOL IS OUTSIDE OF A 75-MILE DRIVING RANGE OF SIMI VALLEY, CA: Contact us so together, we can determine a fair and reasonable funding situation taking into consideration travel needs. We are always willing to work with the school PTA and local businesses as they are generally very willing and excited to help bring Right Road programs to their schools and communities!


Simple Prep for Paula’s Visits


  • You will not have much to prepare at all! It is always our goal to completely be of service and support to your wonderful work. All that is needed: access to an electrical outlet, an empty large table (or two school desks) set up at the front of the classroom, a clean white or chalk board, and board markers or chalk. Paula will bring everything else!
  • Paula will aim to arrive at your classroom approximately 15 minutes before the session start time to quietly set up. Session length is 45 minutes for kinder and first grade programs and 90 minutes for 2nd – 6th grade programs.
  • Two classroom sessions can be accommodated each day. Fifteen to thirty minutes is needed in between sessions so Paula has time to pack up and move her equipment and program materials.
  • If travel is required, one parent volunteer per class will be needed for the full session time to help Paula with simple yet very helpful tasks like handing out materials to the children and cleaning up.