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“Right Road TAKE 5!” is here! Right Road Kids founder Paula Phillips receives requests from schools and communities around the country and around the globe to share her uplifting, creative, genuine, and effective Right Road self-esteem and character lessons. And starting NOW, they are available to everyone, everywhere at the click of a button! In each “Right Road TAKE 5” episode, Paula demonstrates one of the award-winning Right Road lessons – in 5 minutes or less! In simple detail, each video shows teachers and parents how to easily teach and share the wonderful Right Road lessons with THEIR children and students! While the “Take 5” approach is geared for parents and educators as a teaching tool, kids love to watch the lessons, too! Take a look at our most recent episode right here! And, a brand *NEW* episode will be available the 1st of EVERY month! You can find the whole listing of episodes with their direct links below. Click, watch, and be inspired… any day, any time, any place you need a Right Road boost! We hope this series will be a wonderful help and inspiration to you and all the kids in your life! Take a break, take a breath, and TAKE 5 – on the Right Road! ☺


  1. Use Your Talents! (Squidy)
    YouTube link: https://rightroadkids.org/right-road-take-5-use-your-talents-squidy/
  2. Do Your Very Best! (Name Art)
    YouTube link: https://rightroadkids.org/right-road-take-5-do-your-very-best-name-art/
  3. Use Your Talents! (Tornado Tube)
    YouTube link: https://rightroadkids.org/right-road-take-5-use-your-talents-tornado-tube/
  4. Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated (Apples)
    YouTube Link: https://rightroadkids.org/right-road-take-5-treat-others-the-way-you-want-to-be-treated-apples/
  5. Find Your Hidden Talents! (Plastic Eggs)
    YouTube Link: https://rightroadkids.org/right-road-take-5-find-your-hidden-talents-plastic-eggs/
  6. Do Your Very Best (Right Road Rap!)
    YouTube Link: https://rightroadkids.org/right-road-take-5-do-your-very-best-right-road-rap/
  7. Embrace Your Imperfections
    YouTube Link: https://rightroadkids.org/right-road-take-5-embrace-your-imperfections/
  8. Take Positive Action!
    YouTube Link: https://rightroadkids.org/right-road-take-5-take-positive-action/
  9. Teamwork!
    YouTube Link: https://rightroadkids.org/right-road-take-5-teamwork/
  10. KW Right Road Ambassador Project!
    YouTube Link: https://rightroadkids.org/right-road-take-5-kw-right-road-ambassador-project/
  11. Another New Episode (Coming Soon!)