Kids Helping Kids & Change Your World Projects

RRK Kids Helping #3 PhotoOne of our goals is to encourage children to use their talents to help others and be a part of making the world a great place! As an example, a couple of years ago, something special began at San Cayetano School in Fillmore, California. Paula has worked with this public school for over a dozen years, and in 2008, with the support of the principal and entire staff, she challenged every person in the school to do something new, something more to make a difference and change the world! The results were amazing! Children and teachers alike from this growing rural community helped the elderly, ill, and those who were hungry. They recycled to save the earth. They gave music CDs and sent Valentines to brighten lives that were lonely. And that was just the start! This special Right Road program is a highlight for the school every year now, and with the help of many Right Road volunteers, it culminates with an awesome Right Road Service Celebration Day complete with school carnival and fun for all every spring!

RRK Change World #1 Photo