“On the Right Road!” Radio Show

right-road-radio-show-paulaWith requests coming in from across the country for Paula’s on-school-site Right Road programs, it became clear over the last few years that it was crucial to find ways to reach, teach, and share the Right Road lessons, methods, models of success, ideas, and insights with educators and parents on a large scale. Launched in January of 2015, the “On the Right Road!” radio show was the perfect thing at the perfect time! This popular and growing radio program (the top-rated show during its entire run on Bold Radio Station!) hosted by our very own Paula Phillips, uplifts and inspires teachers, parents, and ALL those who want to help kids find and travel their Right Roads in school and in life. Paula’s heart, expertise, and compassionate enthusiasm help teachers and parents feel empowered and amazing! As educators across the country are sharing, “Everyone needs to feel the Right Road love!” Beginning March 6, 2016, “On the Right Road!” will air live online at its new home on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment channel at 5:00 p.m. PT (6:00 p.m. MT/7:00 p.m. CT/8:00 p.m. ET) every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month during the school year (and special Sunday dates over the summer). You can listen online from wherever you are in the world at www.voiceamericaempowerment.com. Giveaways galore are included for teachers and parents during the live broadcasts, and then each episode is also available for free listen/download within a few days afterwards. The direct links for all of the available archived episodes are below. Just click any and listen anytime you would like!

Season 1 -> January – August 2015

  1. Right Road 101 (Original Air Date: January 4, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-january-4-2015/
  2. Extraordinary Teacher Resource Support (Original Air Date: January 18, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-january-18-2015/
  3. Student Leadership & “Bucket Filling” (Original Air Date: February 1, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-february-1-2015/
  4. Valentine to Teachers (Original Air Date: February 15, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-february-15-2015/
  5. Helping Kids Find the Love of Reading (Original Air Date: March 1, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-march-1-2015/
  6. Music & Art in Schools (Original Air Date: March 15, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-march-15-2015/
  7. Right Road Q&A and Paula‘s Favorite Things (Original Air Date: April 5, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-april-5-2015/
  8. Go Public (Original Air Date: April 19, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-april-19-2015/
  9. Keeping the Joy in Teaching (Original Air Date: May 3, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-may-3-2015/
  10. Growing Kindness in Our Kids (Original Air Date: May 17, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-may-17-2015/
  11. Right Road End-of-School-Year Q&A (Original Air Date: June 7, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-june-7-2015/
  12. Summer Special #1. Right Road Christmas in July (Original Air Date: July 19, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-july-19-2015/
  13. Summer Special #2. Kicking of the School Year On the Right Road (Original Air Date: August 16, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-august-16-2015/

Season 2 -> September – December 2015

  1. Season 2 Kick-Off (Original Air Date: September 13, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-september-13-2015/
  2. Character & Sportsmanship (Original Air Date: September 20, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-september-20-2015/
  3. Helping Kids Find the Love of Writing (Original Air Date: October 4, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-october-4-2015/
  4. Be A Buddy, Not A Bully (Original Air Date: October 18, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-october-18-2015/
  5. Parents Uplifting Teachers (Original Air Date: November 1, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-november-1-2015/
  6. Thanksgiving for Teachers (Original Air Date: November 15, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-november-15-2015/
  7. Christmas for Teachers (Original Air Date: December 6, 2015)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-show-december-6-2015/

Season 3 -> March – December 2016

  1. Creating Synergy for Your Classroom & School (Original Air Date: March 6, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-march-6-2016/
  2. Raising Happy, Healthy, Un-Entitled Kids! (Original Air Date: March 20, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-march-20-2016/
  3. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (Original Air Date: April 3, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-april-3-2016/
  4. Psyching Kids Up for Science (Original Air Date: April 17, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-april-17-2016/
  5. Teacher Appreciation (Original Air Date: May 1, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-may-1-2016/
  6. Encouraging Summer Reading (Original Air Date: May 15, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-may-15-2016/
  7. Summer Celebration for Teachers (Original Air Date: June 5, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-june-5-2016/
  8. Planning for a Successful School Year – Part 1 (Original Air Date: July 17, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-july-17-2016/
  9. A Joy-Filled Life (Original Air Date: August 21, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-august-21-2016/
  10. Tapping Into Parent Power (Original Air Date: September 11, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-september-11-2016/
  11. Anything is Possible (Original Air Date: September 18, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-september-18-2016/
  12. Choosing Hope and Kindness (Original Air Date: October 2, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-october-2-2016/
  13. Inspiring Reluctant Readers (Original Air Date: October 16, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-october-16-2016/
  14. Building Positive Parent-Teacher Connections (Original Air Date: November 6, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-november-6-2016/
  15. Healthy Eating for Kids (Original Air Date: November 20, 2016)
  16. 2016 Christmas for Teachers (Original Air Date: December 4, 2016)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-december-4-2016/

Season 4 -> January – December 2017

  1. Right Road Anniversary – SHINE! (Original Air Date: January 15, 2017)
    Free listen/download link:  https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-january-15-2017/
  2. Live, Love, Explore Your Best Life! (Original Air Date: March 5, 2017)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-march-5-2017/
  3. Adventures in Teaching! (Original Air Date: March 19, 2017)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-march-19-2017/
  4. Motivating Kids for School, Life & Learning! (Original Air Date: April 2, 2017)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-april-2-2017/
  5. Teacher Appreciation 2017! (Original Air Date: May 7, 2017)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-may-7-2017/
  6. Be A Courageous Teacher! (Original Air Date: May 21, 2017)
  7. Summer Celebration for Teachers 2017! (Original Air Date: June 4, 2017)
  8. Living & Teaching What Really Matters! (Original Air Date: July 23, 2017)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-july-23-2017/
  9. Building Character in Kids (Original Air Date: August 13, 2017)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-august-13-2017/
  10. Outstanding Classroom Management (Original Air Date: September 10, 2017)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-september-10-2017/
  11. ADHD Pathways to Success! (Original Air Date: October 1, 2017)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-october-1-2017/
  12. Building Positive Teacher-Student Connections (Original Air Date: October 15, 2017)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-october-15-2017/
  13. First Aid for Teacher Burnout (Original Air Date: November 19, 2017)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-november-19-2017/
  14. Paula‘s Favorite Things (Original Air Date: December 3, 2017)

Season 5 -> January – December 2018

  1. Innovation in Education! (Original Air Date: January 7, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-january-7-2018/
  2. The Beauty of Math (Original Air Date: January 21, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-january-21-2018/
  3. Valentine for Teachers (Original Air Date: February 11, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-february-11-2018/
  4. A Joy-Filled Life Continued! (Original Air Date: March 25, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-march-25-2018/
  5. Meet I Survived Author Lauren Tarshis! (Original Air Date: April 15, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-april-15-2018/
  6. Teacher Appreciation 2018! (Original Air Date: May 6, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-may-6-2018/
  7. Summer Refresh for Teachers! (Original Air Date: June 3, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-june-3-2018/
  8. $500 Right Road Teacher Grants! (Original Air Date: July 15, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-july-15-2018/
  9. The Courage to Teach (Original Air Date: August 19, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-august-19-2018/
  10. Cultivating Exceptional School Leadership (Original Air Date: September 9, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-september-9-2018/
  11. Teachers Helping Teachers (Original Air Date: October 7, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-october-7-2018/
  12. Finding Happiness! (Original Air Date: December 2, 2018)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-december-2-2018/

Season 6 -> January – December 2019

  1. A New Perspective! (Original Air Date: January 13, 2019)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-january-13-2019/
  2. 2019 Valentine for Teachers! (Original Air Date: February 10, 2019)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-february-10-2019/
  3. Empowering Student Success! (Original Air Date: March 3, 2019)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-march-3-2019/
  4. The Positive Energy Bus! (Original Air Date: March 24, 2019)
  5. Mindfulness for Kids (& Adults)! (Original Air Date: April 14, 2019)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-april-14-2019/
  6. Teacher Appreciation 2019! (The Empathy Advantage) (Original Air Date: May 5, 2019)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-may-5-2019/
  7. Thriving as an Educator! (Summer Kick-Off for Teachers 2019!) (Original Air Date: June 2, 2019)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-june-2-2019/
  8. Succeeding at What You Love! (Original Air Date: June 30, 2019)
  9. Raising Children with Grit! (Original Air Date: July 28, 2019)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-july-28-2019/
  10. Celebrating Back to School! (Original Air Date: August 25, 2019)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-august-25-2019/
  11. Building a Strong School Community! (Original Air Date: September 15, 2019)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-september-15-2019/
  12. Nurturing World-Changing Students! (Original Air Date: October 6, 2019)
  13. Be the ONE For Kids! (Original Air Date: November 10, 2019)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-november-10-2019/
  14. Helping Kids Overcome Anxiety (Original Air Date: December 8, 2019)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-december-8-2019/

Season 7 -> January 2020 – Most Recent

  1. The Parent Perspective (Original Air Date: January 12, 2020)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-january-12-2020/
  2. 2020 Valentine for Teachers! (Original Air Date: February 9, 2020)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-february-9-2020/
  3. Self-Care for Educators and Everyone (Original Air Date: March 15, 2020)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-march-15-2020/
  4. Teacher Appreciation 2020! (Original Air Date: May 3, 2020)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-may-3-2020/
  5. Serendipity in Life and in Education! (Original Air Date: June 7, 2020)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-june-7-2020/
  6. Envisioning the New School Year (Original Air Date: July 12, 2020)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-july-12-2020/
  7. Next Level Teaching! (Original Air Date: August 2, 2020)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-august-2-2020/
  8. Time Management & More for Teachers! (Original Air Date: September 13, 2020)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-september-13-2020/
  9. Right Road Conversation with Mo Anderson – Part 1 (Original Air Date: October 11, 2020)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-october-11-2020/
  10. Teachers Changing the Game! (Original Air Date: November 15, 2020)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-november-15-2020/
  11. Finding the JOY of 2020! (Original Air Date: December 13, 2020)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-december-13-2020/

Season 8 -> January 2021 – Most Recent

  1. Regaining Human Connection! (Original Air Date: February 21, 2021)
  2. The Power of a Giving Mindset! (Original Air Date: March 7, 2021)
  3. Breaking Through the Fatigue Wall (Original Air Date: April 11, 2021)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-april-11-2021/
  4. Teacher Appreciation 2021! (Original Air Date: May 2, 2021)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-may-2-2021/
  5. Making Your (Teacher) Dreams Come True! (Original Air Date: August 22, 2021)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-august-22-2021/
  6. Fun and Inspiration with Children’s Author Alan Katz! (Original Air Date: September 26, 2021)
    Free listen/download link: https://rightroadkids.org/on-the-right-road-radio-show-september-26-2021/