K-6th Grade Classroom Programs

DSC_0239_2_2_2The starting point and core of our preeminent work is Paula Phillips’ sought-after K-6th grade classroom programs that mentor and guide kids on their Right Roads in school and in life. Based on her “Cool Right Road Rules” and tailored for each particular age/grade level, these remarkable Right Road programs are “gifts” that teachers can build upon throughout the whole school year and kids can build upon throughout their lifetimes. Using a plethora of talents, learning materials, and creative resources, Paula integrates standards-based education while fostering sky-high self-esteem and character development. Each session is interactive, fun, uplifting, and educational! It’s like an amazing field trip experience brought right into your classroom!

5th - 6th Grade Programs

RRK 4th-6th Class Pgms PhotoWith an emphasis on preparing kids for middle school, these powerful 90-minute classroom sessions move from Right Road core lessons like “You Are Special!” and “Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated!” onto topics like climbing life’s mountains, finding strength inside, and not being afraid to ask for help. After these meaningful classes, kids continually share that they are not scared to be themselves, the they feel ready for middle school, and that they feel like they will really accomplish their dreams. At least two sessions per class suggested.

2nd - 4th Grade Programs

RRK 2nd-3rd Class Pgms PhotoBeginning with the core Right Road lessons “You Are Special!” and “Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated!”, these wonderful 90-minute sessions move into helping children develop and use their awesome talents and helping them learn to truly believe in themselves and do their absolute best at all times. From the shiest to the most challenging students, light bulbs go on in each and every child, and a classroom is literally filled up with positivity and productivity! One or two sessions per class suggested.

K - 1st Grade Programs

RRK K-1st Class Pgms PhotoThese simple yet incredibly meaningful 45-minute sessions help the “little ones” get started on the Right (Road) foot! Paula shares music, stories, and a whole lot of uplifting interaction at the kids’ level. The children learn that they are special, that everyone is special, and to make sure they always shine from the inside to help make the world a happy, great place to share. One session per class offered.