5th-6th Grade On-Site Right Road “Field Trips”

On-Site-Field-Trip-ProgramsOne of the biggest costs relating to school field trips in general is bus funding. SO, we have developed a full-day Right Road program that brings the “field trip” right into the classroom! Targeting 5th-6th graders, this extraordinary 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Right Road program is available to schools within a 75 mile radius of Simi Valley, CA. Paula incorporates all of the Cool Right Road Rules into a remarkable full-day Right Road on-site “field trip” including self-esteem and character building, whole-child educational learning, music, art projects, a Right Road Talent Binder filled with school supplies and creative resources for every child, and even the granting of the teacher’s resource “wishes”. The program has a life-changing effect. The students AND teacher will carry the projects, lessons, and memories from the day with them throughout their lifetimes. Beyond special!