Community-Partner---NAEIRWe have been connected with NAEIR for over 15 years. NAEIR is also a nonprofit organization. Their mission is to make a warehouse of product overages available (from companies like 3M, Scotch, PaperMate, and Bic) to other nonprofits and teachers at 90+% off of store costs. We have been blessed with tens of thousands of dollars worth of school supplies and other resources for kids for literally pennies on the dollar. AND, in 2015 NAEIR became one of our Right Road Community Partners via their sponsorship of our “On the Right Road!” radio show! Through this very special partnership, we have also connected hundreds of teachers across the country directly with NAEIR so their students, classrooms, and schools directly benefit, too. If you are a classroom teacher and would like to sign up with them, just visit the NAEIR website at and sign up for free using the RRKID promo code. You will then have access to their amazing online catalogs of supplies AND be entered for huge $150 NAEIR school supply gift pack drawings every month you make a purchase from them as well. Right Road Kids loves NAEIR!