The Right Road Team

The extraordinary Right Road Team is thrilled and honored to be of service and support to kids, teachers, families, schools, and communities however possible.


Paula Phillips is Right Road Kids’ Founder and CEO. It is Paula’s mission and calling in life to uplift children on the Right Road! She develops, coordinates, and presents the Right Road in-school programs. She produces and hosts the Right Road media-related programming including the “On the Right Road!” radio show, the “Right Road For Kids!” DVD series, the Right Road “Take 5!” series, and our social media outreach programs. She also develops all of the creative Right Road resources (music, books, teacher resources, etc.) through sister support company Right Road Productions. As one team member recently said, “She just sees a Right Road vision and it comes to life!” Paula will literally climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest ocean for you and your kids!


Yvonne Cruz is the Right Road Office Manager and Bookkeeper. She is the “rock” of the office and helps keep everything organized and running smoothly. She has an amazing, caring spirit and is truly a friend to all.


Marcie Sabbe is Right Road’s Communication Coordinator. She helps coordinate the mailing of the multitudes of gifts we send to teachers each year, manages our data base, schedules guests for the “On the Right Road!” radio show, coordinates in-kind donation and media communication, helps coordinate Paula’s school schedule, and assists with everything else related to keeping everyone informed and in the Right Road loop.


Debbie Montoya is our Project Support Assistant. She prepares the thousands and thousands of Right Road teacher gifts and resources for our on-site and outreach student and teacher programs. She also helps provide support for our on-site school programs and anything-and-everything else needed around the office.