Right Road Kids!™ is a 23-years-strong 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting children and all those who impact their lives!


RRK Mission PhotoThe mission of Right Road Kids, through all of our work and programs, is to inspire and work with children in life-changing ways that build their self-esteem, character, confidence, talents, and life-skills AND to provide help, guidance, and tools for them to find and travel their Right Roads in school and in life.

In addition, we are committed to uplifting teachers, parents, and all others who work so hard to uplift kids on the Right Road.

Right Road Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Ventura County, California — with a national and global vision.


HistoryDuring the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, Paula Phillips was threatened by a young teen. Instead of running away from such a shocking and devastating experience, Paula saw the pain and cry for help in that child’s eyes, heart and soul, and immediately dedicated her life to making a difference in children’s lives. Within weeks, she founded The Dream Fund Outreach (renamed Right Road Kids in 2010), and the important work began.


The Right Road Team

The extraordinary Right Road Team is thrilled and honored to be of service and support to kids, teachers, families, schools, and communities however possible.


Board of Directors


Paula F. Phillips-Rodriguez, Executive Director, Right Road Kids!

Kelly George Alblinger, Owner, By Request Secretarial

Molly Caven Luebbert, CPA

Board Members

Steve Chapman, Regional Vice President, DCH Auto Group
Lori Hillman, Investor Relations Professional
Gerald Ryckman, Partner, Law Offices of David Drexler
Jana Nicole Saffro, Ventura County Public School Teacher
Andrew Thompson, President/CEO, Magnolia Road, LLC

Financial Advisor

Jim Bruno, CPA/CFP, Bruno Financial

Honors & Awards
RRK Awards Photo
  • CLiFFie Award – Excellence in Education
  • NAWBO Bravo Award – Youth Advocate of the Year
  • Congressional Recognition – Outstanding Service to Youth
  • California State & State Legislature Recognition – Service to Youth
  • National Parent Publications Honors Award
  • Love of God Award – Service to Youth
  • CLVFF Award – Outstanding Community Service
  • Golden Rule Award Finalist – Outstanding Community Service
  • I’m Blessed Award – Outstanding Work with Children
  • OSD PTA Award – Dedication & Service to Children
  • Oxnard School District – Distinguished Recognition for Outstanding Enrichment Programs for Kids
  • Dr. Toy Awards – 100 Best Children’s Products & 10 Best Audio Video Products for Children
  • Midnight Velvet National “Giving Back” Award –Inspiring Individuals and Communities Through Selflessness, Compassion, and Empowerment

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In the News

RRK News-Events PhotoPaula Phillips’ and Right Road Kids!™ events have been featured in dozens of news stories over the past 20 years.

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Media Kit

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